Pro Bats is located in the heart of maple country here in Western New York.  The heart of the business is the lumber, and we are in the perfect location to harvest the best wood on the planet.  Pro Bats has been supplying pros and amateurs alike with high quality wood bats for over fifteen years.  I have kept the company small by design in order to personally interact with each and every customer assuring their needs are met.  We take tremendous pride in our work.  My promise to you is you will receive the highest quality product, and best customer service that I can possibly provide. 

The Product

It’s not easy to make a great baseball bat. A tremendous amount of knowledge about the properties of wood is crucial to success.  Understanding the nuances of bat shapes and weights is another key ingredient that simply cannot be understated.  Finally, you must have the ability to obtain the best wood on the planet.  Our wood is the best money can buy.  Split, not cut with a saw, assuring straight grain for maximum durability and performance.  You not only need the equipment, skill, and wood supply to produce top of the line bats, but you must be willing to do so consistently. What separates the truly outstanding bat manufacturers from the rest, is the willingness to discard a tremendous amount of lumber in order to maintain outstanding quality in each and every bat produced. We here at Pro Bats have made that commitment. Without this commitment to excellence, we could never guarantee our bats to within ½ ounce, and we certainly could not implement our early breakage warranty.  Wood bat companies pop up almost every week.  Most struggle with consistently excellent quality because they are not willing discard  the lumber not suitable for making a high quality bat.  A portion of the wood billets on a pallet have flaws that will lead to early breakage and poor performance. Another portion are just too heavy.   Many companies cannot afford to throw it out. They over dry the wood to get the weight down, and produce bats that have questionable grain.  The result is an inferior bat at a low price.  The one thing I have learned in this business is that you get what you pay for.  We only have one grade of lumber and that is Pro Stock.  Each and every bat is made of the finest wood available. This business is all about the wood. We have been in the business for over fifteen years, and after much experimenting, we believe we start our manufacturing process with the best wood money can buy. I honestly believe we make the best bat on the market for the money.  Pro quality at an affordable price.


The incredible durability of our bats has proven to be one of our best selling points. Read some of the testimonials on this site to get a feel for the quality we put into each and every bat. We know that you can buy a less expensive bat, but we honestly believe that when it comes to being cost effective over the long haul, we provide the best bang for the buck on the market today.

The Manufacturing Process

Once you place order our team of production experts goes into action.  They select the proper wood billet based on your model, length and weight.  We even factor in whether or not you requested cupping.  Each wood billet has been meticulously inspected, weighed and stored in a humidity controlled environment assuring your bat will exactly meet your specifications and expectations.  The billet is then placed into our state of the art lathe and turned.  From there the bat is hand sanded and sent to our finishing room.  In our finishing room we apply your colors using high a quality stain.  Next we apply two coats of our state of the art finish.  The finish is sprayed by hand assuring complete coverage and a smooth durable finish.  Your bat moves on to our engraving room where your personalization is added.  We wipe color into the engraving making it pop.  Our label is applied followed by another coat of finish and your bat is ready to go.  Well, not quite.  It must pass a final inspection which includes weighing your bat to assure that it matches exactly what you ordered.

Customer Service

Pro Bats has been in business for over fifteen years. I formed the company with a promise to myself that I would look at all aspects of the business through the eyes of a player. This was not much of a stretch for me since I have played organized baseball throughout my youth and adult life. I wanted to treat my customers exactly the way I would expect to be treated. Throughout our fifteen years of existence, I have never wavered from that philosophy. The personal touch each and every customer gets from the moment they make contact with our company is one of the big Pro Bats advantages. I personally handle each and every transaction. It does not end when you receive your bat. In fact that is just the beginning of what I hope will be a long lasting relationship.